Saturday, 9 November 2019

It's Christmas!!

The first mince pie of the season, eaten around the middle of November from a box of six that you bought the box for guests, yet you crack it open alone, with an afternoon cuppa. Sweet, satisfying and an old friend back for another year, yep, Christmas season is here again.
I heard my first Christmas Song in a shop today, Beach Boys 'Little Saint Nick' while i was in Wilko's trying to decide if what our living room was crying out for was a 3ft wooden German soldier nutcracker. It did. 
The Christmas video channel started a few days ago and workmen had spent this weekend setting up the massive Christmas Tree in the town center hoping to avoid the debacle of last year when it slipped to a 45 degree angle and the Council looked at it and thought it looked jaunty so left it.
So the Christmas countdown has begun, only 46 days so my phone app tells me, and we have an Election to contemplate first which means we could be getting a Boris Johnson for Christmas so i hope someone has kept the receipt.
I am away in the land of My Fathers for a few weeks at the end of November, not my Fathers unless my Mother is not telling me and my brother and sister something, but i have once again lined up 14 great Celebrity bloggers to stand in for me including Kings, World Leaders, Musicians and Actors who are all dead and i have instructed to write of their achievements and how they view them now and to keep their grubby hands off the mince pies.

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