Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Not Liking The Party Arrangements

The Lib Dems, Greens and few of the other minor parties supporting Remain have come to an arrangement to step down and not put forward candidates in some cities to prevent the remain vote being split.
The Brexit Party and Conservatives have come to the same arrangement to prevent the Leave Vote being split and although the verdict is split on just how effective these plans will be, i don't like them at all.
In my mind, all parties should put forward a candidate and the public pick the one they think will be most effective, to try and 'force' people into voting for someone they wouldn't have done otherwise stinks to me.
As a remainer i would love to see the Lib Dems triumph and bring a screeching halt to the Brexit debacle but if they do it will be a hollow victory as they would have won by gaining the votes that would have rightly gone to other parties.
Brexit is also only one part of a myriad of considerations, the next Government will be there for five years so if the Conservatives win, they will force through Brexit but then they will also continue the mind-numbingly awful right-wing policies which have so blighted the nation for the past decade, the austerity, the cuts, the privatisation, the running down of the NHS and the poisonous immigration policies.
The public have to be a bit more cleverer than just voting on one policy, whichever way you lean, but by restricting the parties we can vote for to push us towards one in particular is not very democratic and very narrow minded.

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