Sunday, 22 February 2015

Church Telling Voters To Vote Labour

I have never read the Bible but from the little i do know about it that Jesus chap was always droning on about poverty so it is only expected that the Church of England has stuck it's head above the pulpit to say that when it comes to the election, we should vote 'with the good of others in mind'.
Although they do not directly endorse a particular party, it is obviously painting a big red arrow towards the Labour Party which has upset the Conservatives who have complained that 'There is a very definite left wing leaning to their message'.
After five years of right wing Conservative policies, most people are poorer and more worried than they were and with David Cameron upping the rhetoric recently against people who are poor, young, ill, fat, addicted or unemployed, people who were already very unlikely to vote Conservative, they can consequently be alienated and castigated without electoral cost so it is about time someone spoke up for them and the Church has stepped forward.
The 52 page letter boils down to the liberal conviction that society is better when rather than seeing an obese person or someone out of work we don't think like the Conservatives and think how can we punish them but show compassion and look for ways to help them.
Compassion for someone worse off than ourselves should always be the first emotion and not anger and conspiring ways to punish them for being worse off.
Not often i find myself in agreement with the Church and there are many sides to the Church that i find abhorrent, the treatment of gays and women for starters, but in this case they are spot on so What Would Jesus Do?
Not vote Conservative that's for certain.

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