Sunday, 15 February 2015

Man 0 Bull 1

A man has had to undergo extensive surgery in a Spanish hospital after he was savagely gored during a bullfighting festival where spectators run ahead of the rampaging bull.
The man needed a three-hour operation because of the wounds, which included injuries to his thighs and back muscles, according to surgeon Enrique Crespo who said it was: 'the biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on'.
Hang on...maybe it i wait a few seconds....i think it's....nope, nothing.
No matter how hard i try i just can't dredge up any sympathy for him whatsoever and just think if you are idiotic enough to want to run in front of a bull and the bull manages to catch you, you are still an idiot but one with massive gores in your back and thighs.

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