Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Left Wing Atheists v Right Wing Religionists

Using the Google search facility, we can write in Left Wing Blogs and find approx 36 million of my like minded breatheren spreading the love but write in Right Wing Blog and there are almost double the amount with 70 million cluttering up the place. Probably foaming at the mouth as they exercise the few braincells they have by pounding the keyboard with their fists and ranting about how GWB was a misunderstood genius. 
Writing in 'Atheist Blog' we have a choice of 18 million places we can go and read about all things Darwin but write in 'Religious Blog' and the choice is an astonishing 176 million blogs.
Giving it some thought and going with Occam's Razor, it may appear that there are just more right wing religious people with blogs then left wing atheists but let's wipe the razor for Occam and go again because it may be that right wing religious types just have more to say.
Granted what they say is mostly what we can generously call twaddle but in the best tradition of Charlie Hebdo, we may not like what they say but they are well within their rights to spout as much twaddle as they like.
Thinking it through further, it could be a case that they, the religious and the right wing, are more in need of confirmation of what they believe so there are 176 million religious bloggers all saying 'Who thinks God's Great?' and feeling the love when like minded religious bloggers say they do and they all light a candle and sing Onward Christian Soldiers.
That could be the same reason there are so many right wing bloggers, all those selfish feelings and erotic thoughts about Sarah Palin making them feel strange and they need to know that they are not alone, that there are people like them somewhere out there. 176 million right wing bloggers stroking each other into a frenzy and blaming Socialism for every ill that has befallen them since they were born. 
It could also be that Atheists and Left Wingers are too busy trying to make the World a better place through drinking latte and wearing T-Shirts that say: 'No-one has been stoned to death by atheists' so just don't have the time to write a blog.
Yeah, let's go with that.

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