Friday, 6 February 2015

The Reason For Antisemitism In UK

There has been rising anxiety in parts of Britain’s Jewish community and figures show that anti-semitic attacks in 2014 have reached the highest level ever recorded in the UK.
The data from the Community Security Trust, a Jewish charity, reflects a spike in reported antisemitism in July and August during last summer’s conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.
It would be plain idiocy not to acknowledge that the Jewish communities problems are directly related to Israel's persecution and periodic mass killing of Palestinians, the theft of their property and occupation of their land.
Being Jewish does not make you an Israeli as being Roman Catholic does not make you Italian so it disappoints me that some people are incapable of engaging the few braincells that they possess and cause mindless violence against an innocent population just because of their religion.
It is much the same ignorance that saw Muslims targeted after the June 2007 and Charlie Hebdo attacks and there are still many completely innocent, peaceful Muslims that are feeling very frightened and intimated in the UK right now.
Don't take out your anger on innocent people who are probably as disgusted at Israel or Islamic State as you are if you only bothered to ask but the Jewish community do not have a monopoly on feeling insecure because Muslims have been feeling it from knuckle scraping idiots who think they are somehow vindicated in showing their anger against a group whose acts they disagree with but who have nothing to do with them except a shared religion for much longer.

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