Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Three Parent Babies

The three parent babies headlines may be a bit misleading but i do find the outcry about 'playing God' a bit confusing regarding the creation of IVF babies with DNA from three different people.
MPs have today voted to legalise the creation of IVF babies using DNA from three different people in order to prevent inherited diseases, a process which sees unhealthy DNA removed from a fertilised egg and healthy DNA from a donor spliced into the parents DNA.
We have the technology and know-how to do it so it seems a no-brainer to eliminate suffering and a child's early death if we can, so i can't see why some people are upset about it.
As the part being 'swapped' does not govern anything about what makes a person that particular person, the warning from critics that it could lead to designer babies is moot, it can't.
The whole idea of designer babies is a whole other argument, that's vanity on the part of the parents, but this a life saving procedure and to argue that someone should be born with genetic defects and a painful, early death when they don't need to be is just deranged and dangerous thinking.

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