Saturday, 7 February 2015

Europe Sidelines US Over Ukraine

Interesting that during peace talks in Russia, the US and UK have been kept well away and its the French and Germans doing the jaw-jaw.
The five hour-long talks was said to be 'constructive, informative and substantive' although no details of any peace plans have been released except a press release that: 'On the basis of proposals made by the French President and German Chancellor, there is currently on-going joint work to prepare the text of a possible joint document on the implementation of the Minsk agreements – a document that would include proposals made by Ukrainian President Poroshenko and proposals put forward today by Russian President Putin'.
Unsurprisingly, considering that while they were talking peace, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, was holding talks with Kiev officials concerning the possibility of supplying Ukraine with weapons, the US reaction was that they didn't particularly see it as a positive sign, their solution is to pour £2 billions of weapons into Ukraine and force tougher sanctions against Russia which is a strategy the EU disagree with, failing to implement the last round of economic sanctions.
The British Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, said that supplying more weapons to Ukraine would escalate the ongoing conflict and it was just such a scenario that forced Hollande and Merkel to take matters into their own hands and swerve the US and take the White House by surprise by announcing on Thursday that: 'Together with Angela Merkel we have decided to take a new initiative', a ploy that has been described as Hollande and Merkel’s attempting to 'get ahead of the Americans who are trying to impose their solution to the problem on Westerners: a transfer of weapons to Ukraine'.
Diplomatic speech for not trusting the Americans to do anything other than make a bad situation, a situation they created with their meddling in Ukraine's affairs, much, much worse.
The penny seems to be finally sinking in as we see the global mayhem caused by Americas and the UK's wars this century, that hot heads and more weapons is not the answer and ramping up the violence should never be the solution.

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