Saturday, 28 February 2015

Natalie Bennett Damaging Green Party

I so wanted the Green Party to do well, and for a moment it looked as though they were poised to come through and sweep up the left vote from the Labour Party who have shifted so far from where they should be that traditional Labour voters are shopping around for somewhere else to give their X to in May.
Unfortunately, two excruciatingly painful interviews have exposed the Greens for a party whose policies seem to fall apart immediately anyone scrutinises them.
On the back of the Andrew Neil car crash of an interview where Greens Leader, Natalie Bennett, was hopelessly caught out on Green policies, she has been similarly exposed once again on the day she launched the Greens Election Campaign.
In her fist interview of the day, Nick Ferrari, tripped her up with what should have been a gentle underarm question of how they would pay for the 500,000 new council houses she was advocating The Greens would build.
Bennett spluttered, mumbled and then fell into a fit of coughing and apologising that she had a 'heavy cold'.
Membership of the Green party in England and Wales has tripled in 18 months to 54,500, surpassing that of the Liberal Democrats or Ukip and will fight close to 90% of constituencies on 7 May and are talking of entering into a coalition with Labour but many more of these types of interviews will see the potential soon evaporate.
One totally awful interview where you are unable to defend your policies could be seen as unfortunate, but after two it looks like your policies are just indefensible.
Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if Green MP Caroline Lucas did the interviews from now on because sorry Natalie but you could end up costing the Green's plenty.

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