Sunday, 1 March 2015

West's Mad Foreign Policy

To say the Wests foreign policy is a bit shortsighted sometimes would be like saying Kim Kardashians backside is a bit on the large side. Basically, when a conflict flares up somewhere that threatens our interests, our first thought is who can we arm that is willing to fight for our side, and then once identified send them as many weapons as we think it will take to keep our good despot in power or remove the bad despot and allow us to put in a good despot.
Some may argue that is is preferable to sending our own troops in but it rarely ends the way we figure.
Most people of a certain age will remember the Soviets invading Afghanistan and then spending 10 long years before finally giving up trying to oust a regime backed by the West's arms.
Sure it stopped the country falling to the rule of Communism, but failed dramatically in that they then changed their name to the Taliban, joined up with Al Queada and used all those weapons and all of that training we gave them to fight us in a decade long war.
There was that famous picture of Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein, shaking hands on a arms deal for Iraq to use on Iran who was the Wests enemy, and as Iraq was fighting them, we were willing to send them the weapons they needed to do it therefore building the military and giving him the WMD's that we eventually went into Iraq to destroy unaware that he had actually beaten us to it and rather ungraciously got rid of them years before.
We also repeated the trick in Syria where we armed the anti-Government forces who become more and more brutal and called themselves ISIS and began beheading Westerners and flying black flags.
Now the US wants to arm the Ukraine because when there is a chance of peace, pouring in more weapons always helps The Wests policy seems to have been and continues to today that in a tinderbox situation, someone will take power, and we'll hope that they like us, and, if not, we'll send more to someone else in the country willing to start another fight with a newer and fancier arsenal.
On the bright side, a handful of old men are making a killing the entire time while a bunch of young men are just making a killing and you can;t see that ending anytime soon.

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