Thursday, 12 March 2015

800,000 Idiots Defending Clarkson

It cannot be denied that Jeremy Clarkson is a monumental bell-end and idiot of biblical proportions and i just cannot understand the 800,000 people who are signing a petition that he should keep his job.
I assume that the 800,000 would be okay with a colleague thumping them and then the management saying to them that they won't take any action against the offender because he is popular.
It should be a no-brainer and Clarkson should be sacked and another presenter drafted into replace him, it can't be that hard to get someone in who acts like an idiot for an hour a week.
This series of Top Gear has been on a downward trajectory from the second week when they seemed to cut back on the challenges which is what most people tune in for and devoted more time to cars which most people sleep through while waiting for the challenges section to start.       
Funny how David Cameron can take the time to visit a TV studio to stick up for his friend but as the other friends he has defended were Andy Coulson who is currently serving 18 months in prison and Rebekah Brooks who was charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice he may want to pick his friends a bit more carefully. 
As Clarksons contract is up for review at the end of the month i expect the BBC investigation to drag its heels and the contract will lapse and the violent bigot will slope off to Sky and nobody need be sacked and all the cracks will be papered over and the only person hurt is the poor guy who was in the way when the idiot found out there was no hot meal for him.

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