Saturday, 28 March 2015

Stop Moving Easter Around

According to people who know about these things, the earliest possible date for Easter is March 22nd and the the latest possible date for Easter is April 25th and this year it falls on April 5 which means as my Birthday is 4 days earlier, i am sure to be unwrapping an Easter Egg this year.
Being a religious holiday, Easter is the day Jesus apparently arose from the dead but unlike Christmas nobody seems to be able to pin a date on it which is why it wanders around the calendar but apart from eating our own weight in chocolate, Easter is very much the poor relation of religious time off work.
The Easter Bunny is no substitute for Christmas's Santa and i have never heard a song wishing it could be Easter Everyday or excitedly singing that the Easter Bunny is coming to Town so you better behave or you won't get that Cadbury's Button Egg. 
It is also the holiday when us Atheists don't get it in the ear from religious types about celebrating something that we dismiss the rest of the year which means i am unable to use my well worn pithy reply that i don't believe in ghosts but it doesn't stop me celebrating Halloween.
As Christmas has long moved on from being about Jesus and wise men and is now all about Santa and red nosed reindeer's, i think whoever makes the decisions on these things should say Easter is on a certain date each year and from now on it's called Chocolate Egg Day and let's knock this religion thing on the head altogether because lets be honest, it's no fun sitting in a dreary church listening to a vicar try to make sense out of a collection of random folk tales that were written a few thousand years ago.

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