Friday, 27 March 2015

Why Not The SNP?

Unless someone moved the border without telling me, Scotland is part of Great Britain so i'm not sure why the Scottish National Party are being treated as outsiders by the Conservative Party while rumours persist that after the election Labour will make a coalition with the Scottish Party.
Scotland's new First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has a list of demands for the Labour Party which chime prefect with what the left stands for, an end to austerity, spending cuts, scrapping Trident, the abolition of the House of Lords and reform of the voting system.
How can anyone on the left possibly be against any of those demands which is why the right wing are so against it.
Austerity has always been a Conservative policy to reduce Government and keep the downtrodden trodden down and enrich the guys at the top and spending cuts have been a disaster. The police are so under-staffed that they are shouting loud and clear that they can't do their job properly and try and get anything done by a Government department where staff numbers have been decimated, the Passport Office are swamped and HMRC are months behind with dealing with post and prepare to spend hours listening to music trying to get through on the phone to a tax adviser.
Trident is an expensive toy costing us upwards of £70 billion for a weapon we will never use just so we can stroll around saying we have a nuclear weapon and the voting system is in dire need of transformation to a proportional representation system so we don't end up with the absurd decision of the Government being voted in by a third of the votes.
The Conservatives have been the nasty party, the 400% rise on food banks under their ownership of the Number 10 keys should mean them being booted out come May 8th and Labour should point out that Scotland is part of Great Britain and it is wrong to squeal that a Scottish Party should not be making decisions that affect England while having no such concerns about English Parties making such decisions for Scotland, Wales or the Northern Irish.

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