Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cameron Waving White Flag Over Debates

Much kerfuffle over the will he-won't he turn up for the debates in the build up to the General Election with David Cameron now saying he is only willing to do one of the three planned.
As the current leader, it is obvious that the television stations want him there but he had been trying to duck out of them ever since the idea was announced, first saying he wanted the Green Party to be involved and once the invite was sent out to them, now saying he wants the DUP to be there.
He obviously has everything to lose while the other parties have everything to gain so it is understandable why he want to swerve them but i would not drag him kicking and screaming in front of the cameras and empty-chair him.
The rest then have a free shot to say what a failure he has been as a PM and he doesn't have the confidence in what he and his Government had achieved to come onto TV and defend them and generally kick him and his party around for 90 minutes.
Then when he is watching the removal van carry out his furniture from number 10 on May 8th he can look back and realise that his petulance and cowardliness has cost him dear.

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