Sunday, 22 March 2015

Farage Protest Backfires

Just let us recap on the wisdom of UKIP over recent times.
According to Nigel and his broad: 'Businesses should be allowed to refuse services to women and gay people', the recent UK storms floods are a result of allowing Gay Marriage, working mothers are worth less than men, women who don't clean behind the fridge are 'sluts', women wanting to breastfeed should find a corner out of the way and we should stop sending aid to bongo bongo land.
How ironic then that the demonstrators who turned up at the George & Dragon pub in fancy dress where he was eating his Sunday lunch were gays, women, breast feeding mums and immigrants.
The UKIP leader ranted at the 'scum' as he called them saying that they scared his children who he left in the pub to be picked up by a relative some time later.  
It must have been distressing for the kids, it's not their fault their dad such a mass of intolerance but a bit of an own goal certainly but Farage can't expect to be immune from protest while at the same time spending his days protesting about others.
Although the protesters were in fancy dress, singing songs and peacefully protesting, to do it while he is 'off duty' and enjoying a day out with his family can't be condoned.
Wait until he is peddling his UKIP nonsense and then he is fair game for whatever is thrown at him, to do this just gains him sympathy.


Nog said...

What's the difference between UKIP and the Conservatives? Is there something about UKIP that makes it logical to be something more than an internal faction of the Conservatives?

Lucy said...

UKIP are to the right of the Conservatives but are in a position to attract the endorsement of the English Defence League (think KKK without the headwear) as they did last week which should sound a few warning bells to the UKIP supporters if they are on the same page as people like this.
The Conservatives try and distance themselves from them but it is from the same pool of supporters that UKIP dip their toes.