Sunday, 22 March 2015

Where's The Money Gone Dave?

George Osbourne tells us the sun is shining and UK is walking tall as we strive bravely onwards out of recession and into a bright future.
I know politicians use all sort of spin to make their point but the bottom line is how much we owed as a country when Cameron took over and how much we owe now after 5 years of austerity.
The figures from HM Treasury shows The UK Nation Debt in 2010 was £0.76 trillion and today we owe £1.36 trillion.
Now i don't make any claims to be an economist but to me that seems that we owe almost twice as much as we did after Dave and George got their grubby little hands on the economy.
A favourite line from the Conservatives is to blame the 'mess that they inherited from Labour' but the vast majority of the debt they inherited was from Labour having to bail out the greedy bankers to the tune of tens of billions, the Conservatives have no such excuse.
They have the extra money from the student tuition fees, increased VAT, the slashed public services and the severe austerity measures so how can they have almost doubled what we owe while telling us they are making savings?
All politicians of all shades hide the economic truth behind lines such as 'in real terms' and 'adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity' but the one figure is the one on the bottom of the balance sheet and it says at the start of the Tory reign we owed £0.76 and now at the end of it we owe £1.36 trillion and i think we should be told what have they been spending it on because from where i am sitting it isn't being spent on us!

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