Saturday, 28 March 2015

US Staying With The Death Penalty

In the wake of a worldwide boycott of US departments of correction, led by the European Union i am happy to say, States with the death penalty have been struggling to acquire the medical drugs used in lethal injections and with supplies at an all time low, some states have come up with a solution, one of which is let's shoot 'em instead.
Utah has revived the firing squad, Tennessee has moved to bring back the electric chair, Missouri has publicly contemplated rebuilding its gas chamber while Oklahoma is considering introducing a new type of death by nitrogen hypoxia.
I haven't heard any calls for discussions around whether the state taking a life as a punishment for taking a life doesn't seem a very civilised way of doing things but despite it being abolished in the vast majority of countries, it still goes on in 21 countries who deal with their more unsavoury members of society by killing them.
Amnesty International have gathered together the statistics and the top state executors are China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United States, Yemen and Sudan.
Looking at the names of the countries on the list, i'm surprised the Americans are not shamed at finding themselves included with such company in the way they treat their prisoners and are instead  just finding another way to stay part of that particular gang.

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