Monday, 16 March 2015

Where's The Peace Then Tony?

Considering his role in bringing war to the Middle East, Tony Blair was always a bit of a strange choice to be a special envoy to bring peace to the region but seven years later we can look back on the former Prime Minister's work and ask what the hell has he been doing for the past seven years?
Obviously the same question has occurred to the UN, EU, USA and Russians because they have all agreed to tell him to take a hike, or 'amend his role' in polite political speech.
Not that those of us who want to see Blair held accountable for his violations of international law and serial crimes against humanity will get our wish but his star is certainly waning and i have yet to hear the outcry from Blair supporters that removing him from the peace process the Middle East will now become a cauldron of terrorism and turmoil.
Making him a Peace Envoy was just rubbing salt in the gaping wound he himself created so now if only Israel vote Netanyahu out of power this week and replace him with someone less keen to kill as many Palestinians as possible and grab their land, we will have two less warmongering imbeciles bumbling around the Middle East bringing mayhem and destruction and that has to be a good thing.

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