Saturday, 7 March 2015

Return Cheque To Sender

A Labour general election candidate has turned down a campaign donation from Tony Blair.
Lesley Brennan, who is standing in Dundee East, tweeted that she had rejected £1,000 she had received from the ex-Labour leader.
The money is from a war chest of more than £100,000 that the former prime minister has given to help the party win 106 key seats. Brennan, currently a councillor for the East End area of Dundee, is seeking to overturn a majority of 1,821 held by the SNP.
This morning she tweeted: 'Received donation from Tony Blair. Instinct was to not accept. Discussed with team. Dundee East is not accepting the £1000.'
There you go Labour candidates around the UK, if you honestly believe that Iraq was wrong and you want to show some principles - stand up and show it by sending the cheque back to Blair and politely telling him where he can stick it.

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