Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Part Time Tories

It's all turning a bit tasty as we edge closer to the May election, and on the agenda now is MPs second jobs.
Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of failing to limit the outside earnings of MPs, after the government rejected a Labour proposal to ban MPs from having paid directorships and consultancies
Miliband, who seems to be finally finding his feet, reminded the Prime Minister of his 2009 quote that: 'Double-jobbing MPs won’t get a look in when I am in charge' which flustered the PM as yet another blow landed on his shiny, moon-like face.
This all follows on from Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind being caught offering to use their positions as politicians on behalf of a fictitious Chinese company in return for thousands of pounds.
A quote from a Tory MP summed up everything that is wrong with the Conservative Party when he explained that an MP's salary (£67,060 plus £40,000 expenses) is 'not meant to be a full income'.
Remember that in May, vote Conservative and you get someone who will consider £100K part time earnings and dedicate part time hours to their constituents accordingly.

71 Days to go and Google Trends is still showing a thumping great win for Labour with Ed's party  winning 4 times the votes of the Conservatives but annihilation for the Liberal Democrats.

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