Wednesday, 4 February 2015

This Trio Won't Be Missed If They Go This Year

Since Hugo Chavez shuffled off the scene, there are not many World leaders you can look at and think they are doing a great job, almost all you just find yourself just shaking your head at.
Although we can't replace them all, we may well be shot of three of them shortly with our own David Cameron widely expected to be tipped out of his seat shortly after Israel dispose of Benjamin Netanyahu and Australia wave goodbye to Tony Abbot.
The first to go could be Tony Abbot who faces a challenge of his leadership from his own party who have publicly declared that a change in leadership is necessary. With his talk of shirtfronting other leaders and other macho nonsense, his being a knuckle dragging dinosaur jerk won't be missed, the loss of the other two should be widely cheered. 
Cameron has decimated the UK in a right wing ideological whirlwind but on the world stage he has been as warmongering as Tony Blair although he has stayed on the legal side if not the moral one.
The Libyan conflict was a con, gaining UN approval for an air corridor and then immediately contorting that into acting as the airforce for the anti-Gadaffi crowd who was riddled with the very people we had just spent the last decade fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He was gung-ho for attacking Syria until he lost the vote in the Commons and has puffed out his chest in his dealings with Russia over Ukraine. When what is needed are cool heads and less rhetoric, we need less of what Cameron offers but even he pales into insignificance when it comes to Benjamin Netanyahu, probably the worst person to have in charge of a nation as trigger happy as Israel.    
His actions against the Palestinians since he became Prime Minister in 2009 has been abhorrent amidst cries of 'war crimes' from almost every institution that has looked into his actions in Gaza and the West Bank.
His relationship with his only real ally, America, has been in deep freeze for most of Obama's administration and Israel has become a pariah in most of the world with the Jews worldwide feeling the blowback from such a vile leader.
We are at a time when it seems the legacy of Bush's and Blair's misguided wars in the early part of the century has ignited a tinderbox in the Middle East and Europe and leaders such as Abbot, Cameron and Netanyahu who think greater violence is the answer to violence are not the answer and hopefully all three will be knocked off their perches before the start of summer.

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