Saturday, 14 February 2015

Conservative Diversion Tactics

The Tax Evasion conversation was getting a little bit too hot for the Conservatives, especially as almost daily yet another Conservative Party donor was found to have been squirrelling away funds to avoid paying tax so they have tried to deflect every ones view with yet another policy that being 'You will lose benefits if...'.
The latest plan is to take away benefits of anyone out of work who is obese, on drugs or alcoholic and has been received warmly by the Parties voters who don't seem to ever get bored with bashing and demonising the people at the bottom but are much more reluctant to condemn the people at the top denying the treasury tens of billions. 
To those who think this is a good idea, just hope you never become unable to work because you just may find yourself suddenly dependent on a state that may refuse to help you.
It takes a special type of monster to turn the safety net into a stick to beat people out of safety and we can only hope that come May the nasty party won't be anywhere near power to implement their poisonous ideology. 
The other parties should keep the focus on the tax dodgers, those who willingly withhold paying tax while enjoying the benefits that the rest of us taxpayers in the country pay for.

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