Monday, 6 April 2015

Happy New Tax Year 2015-16

For some reason unbeknown to me people don’t celebrate the new tax year in the same way they do the new calendar year. Much to my disappointment there are no parties, fireworks or singing of Auld Lang Syne but thanks to Easter being early this year, we do get a bank holiday this 6th April.
The other thing that I think should happen is the making of New Tax Year’s resolutions so this year i plan to ring some changes regarding paying my contribution to HM Revenue & Customs.
Firstly, i intend to do my Tax Return early so to avoid the usual scene in mid-January when i turn up at my Agents office and throw on his desk a shoebox full of receipts and scraps of paper with numbers written on them half hidden by coffee stains and expect him to make sense of it enough to fill out my Tax Return by the 31st January.
Secondly, i will look into a pension just in case my first choice plan of winning the lottery and retiring to a remote island in the Pacific doesn't come to fruition.
Thirdly, i resolve to go through my bank statement and work out just what some of the direct debits are for because i am sure that i am still paying out for phones that have long been recycled into other things.
Fourthly, i must stop thinking of ways to change the subject whenever anyone who knows about tax tries to give me advice on tax matters.
This things i resolve and i promise to...oh what the hell, where's that shoe box? 

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