Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mental Health Wristbands?

It is always nice when politicians make arses of themselves before we elect them so a big thank you must go to Chamali Fernando who is the Conservative Party candidate for Cambridge who has shown supreme arse-ery by coming up with the idea that mental health patients could wear colour-coded wristbands to identify their condition.
In what must be an unprecedented move, there is now a protest petition to get her to step down as a candidate even before the first vote has been cast.
Having made such a crass and stupid suggestion, the Conservative Party hopeful must be suffering from a great deal of anxiety now as she makes the headlines.
This anxiety could easily turn to depression so what colour wristband should she be wearing?
Maybe we could take it a step further and we could make politicians who are liable to be a danger to society wear a blue rosette on their clothes and carry a Conservative Party membership card just so we know who to avoid/shout at and avoid any confusion.

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