Saturday, 11 April 2015

Obama Shining His Legacy

America has long been a country that when the choice is between a carrot or a stick, it ignores the vegetable and goes off to find a bigger stick but in the last week we have not only seen it make friends with Iran, but now it is also on the Christmas Card list of Cuba as well.
It has also distanced itself from Israel, the most divisive country in the Atlas so it may be very late into his administration but maybe Obama is finally getting to do some of that 'Change' which he bandied about years ago when he gained the Peace Prize.
With time running out on his opportunity to actually do something, Obama does seem to be on something of a mission to leave a legacy and undo the wars and conflicts that he has undertaken whilst holding the keys to the White House which have been many.
Palestine would be the big one, if he can sort things out for the unfortunate people who have to live next door to the most warmongering nation on Earth then he might be able to leave office with a bit more credence given to his legacy as a peace prize winner, or at least a legacy not quite as tarnished as present.
Whatever he does in the dog days of his presidency, it is nice to see an American President holding a carrot and not doing what they normally do and start shooting.


Anonymous said...

bretton woods is almoost done. america will gradually back off protecting markets for the rest of the world. we don't need the middle east to provide oil to europe anymore, we have to use our many advantages and excess capital to pay off our debts and rebuilt our economy to reflect advances in digital technologies, europe is about to be on its own, we are getting out of the middle east and will crush russia, venezuela, and iran by exporting energy, china is about to face reality economically after a 30 year run, france and germany will struggle to be the bi dog in europe - advantage france, UK will continue to muddle along being a middling nation, the asian bank is going to be as big a flop as the EU.

Anonymous said...

i do like the new banner, but i thought you were blond...


Falling on a bruise said...

That is an old picture in the banner before I discovered peroxide. Cuba I guessed was because china and Russia were making eyes at them and Iran because to pick a fight with them would pour even more petrol on an already petrol soaked fire. Isreal I hope because it has finally been noticed what they have been upto for the past 60 years