Sunday, 26 April 2015

Charity Doesn't Begin At Home

I do find it hard to believe that some people are complaining about the foreign aid we donate to people around the world, a miserly 0.7% of GDP to help people who have nothing.
Seems they have no problem with spending 2% of GDP on defence spending to blow people up but then i have never understood the thinking of those people who tend to be firmly on the right hand side of the political argument.
As the sixth richest nation, we should be helping out others and not shaking our heads as another disaster strikes and then ignoring it as if it isn't our problem.
Nepal's vulnerable are now at most in need of our help, as they look upon their shattered towns and villages and Britain has donated £5 million which will go towards humanitarian assistance for those who have lost everything.
Shamefully the 2% will continue to be spent on weapons and missiles so we can reduce towns and cities to rubble and inflict a death toll as high as any earthquake while some will continue to moan about the 0.7% to rebuild lives and shame on them because Charity doesn't begin at home, it begins where it is most needed, wherever that is.


Anonymous said...

100% of UK's military expenses are not used to attack others. The bulk is for defense. So you are grossly misrepresenting the data.


Falling on a bruise said...

You may have to remind me of the countries that have attacked us over the past 50 years that we have had to defend ourselves against. Then I can list the countries we have attacked in the same time.

Keep Life Simple said...

I did not say that. More than half of your military expense is never used over seas. Much of it is infrastructure on your home island.