Thursday, 23 April 2015

Libyan Migrants Are Our Fault

The people who engineered it may dismiss the idea that they are in some way responsible for the death of hundreds in the Mediterranean as 'distasteful' but it is undeniable that the 2011 military intervention against Libya is linked directly to the thousands taking their lives in their hands to flee North Africa.
Despite plenty of warnings that we were leaving Libya in the hands of the same terrorists who we had been fighting in Iraq and Syria, we raised the 'Mission Accomplished' banner and left them to their own devices which was to fight each other for power and resources.
Libya was the third in line this century after Afghanistan and Iraq to bear the brunt of unwise western military intervention in the name of democracy, freedom or to avoid a humanitarian crisis (delete as applicable) only for us to make everything a damn sight worse for the poor citizens who lived there and then see us cut and run.
It isn't just a Conservative Party thing either, what Tony Blair and his Labour Party did in Iraq and Afghanistan would see almost any other leader in a cell at the Hague awaiting trial so it seems left wing or right wing, we have to go in guns blazing and not give a worry about the consequences.
Syria and Iran would be in very same place if it was not for the unfavourable conditions and the sleight of hand over the Libyan resolution.
The deaths of people fleeing Libya after ISIS has moved in is our fault so we should take the moral responsibility for not only cleaning up our mess but ensuring that Libya is run by a stable government and free of terrorists. 
Every death of a migrant in the Mediterranean sea is directly linked to David Cameron's decision in 2011 and he can try to shrug it off as much as he wants but the link is undeniable as is the chaos resulting from Tony Blair's in 2001 and 2003.

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