Friday, 10 April 2015

Nigel's Vote UKIP But It's Lib Dems For Tim's

Four weeks left and the political parties busy targeting potential supporters but according to the latest poll from YouGov, they be paying more attention to the first names of voters.
YouGov analysed the voting intentions of 50,000 individuals with the 130 most common first names and found that people called Nigel, Jill or Terry are approximately twice as likely to vote for UKIP as the general population.
The poll shows that the most likely Conservative voters where called Charlotte, Fiona, Pauline while Sharon, Samantha and Clare wouldn't touch David Cameron with somebody else's barge poll as these were least likely to put a cross next to David Cameron's team. 
Labour can depend upon anyone called Michelle, June and Andy while the Lib Dem's should be looking towards Tim, Kathryn and Samantha for support.
I will let people with pens in their top pockets argue other the role of nominative determinism in influencing human behaviour and political preferences but personally if your spouse is called Nigel, Jill or Terry i wouldn't send them to the Chinese takeaway anytime soon, hate to think what additional extra you would get with your sweet and sour chicken once they have finished their Benny Hill style 'Mr Chow Mein' performance while ordering it.

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