Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Climate Change Minister And The Climate Sceptic Group

It has been revealed that the Conservative energy and climate change minister, Matthew Hancock, has taken almost £20,000 in donations from from a key backer of the UK’s leading climate sceptic lobby group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
According to official records, Hancock has accepted five donations over the years from City currency manager Neil Record, who is on the board of the anti-climate change Foundation.
In all Neil Record has donated more than £300,000 to the Conservative party but the energy and climate change minister is the only individual MP that he has backed.
As our elected representative it is only fair that we don't jump to conclusions that man responsible for combating climate change isn't being influenced by the financial inducements being thrown his way.
Just because he was one of 100 Tory MPs who signed an open letter opposed subsides for onshore wind farms in England and has been a vocal critic of wind farms in his constituency and a supporter of fracking doesn't mean he has whored himself out to the highest bidder.
It may just be a huge coincidence that he hates wind farms, loves fracking while accepting large sums of cash from a climate sceptic group.

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