Monday, 13 April 2015

Losing Our Religion

When they were still decent, REM sang a song called 'Losing My Religion' which had an amazing video but nobody had a clue what the song was about but the title seemed to imply that somewhere had lost their religion.
Could have been us in the UK because we have just finished sixth in a survey of the least religious countries in the world.
53% of the UK population describe themselves as not religious but top of the list was China where 94% of people said they had no belief followed by Japan (87%), Sweden with (81%), Czech Republic (77%) and the Netherlands and Hong Kong with 74%.
The most religious countries were Thailand where only 6% dismissed the idea of a God and 7% of people in Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia and Morocco who said they were not religious.
Luckily REM also had the 'Man On The Moon' Song which contained the lyrics 'Here's a little agit for the never-believer, Here's a little ghost for the offering, Here's a truck stop instead of Saint Peter's, Mister Andy Kaufman's gone wrestling'.
Nope, i have no idea either but then that pretty much sums up religion for me anyway, less St Peter's and more truck stops please.

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