Saturday, 11 April 2015

Why Francis Cobain Is Right

Hard to believe that it has been 21 years since Kurt Cobain committed suicide but with a new documentary on Kurt about to be released, his daughter Frances Bean Cobain has admitted that she doesn't actually like the music her dad performed back in the 90s.
This has got right up the nose of the people of my generation who seemed to have hoisted Kurt and his band onto a pedestal as some sort of musical genius.
Before i launch into it, i was a massive Nirvana fan also back then but it was never just about the music, it was the whole grunge thing at the time and Kurt had an incredibly 'cool' image.
What Nirvana also had was an amazing album in 'Nevermind', an album that stacks up as not only one of the best collection of songs of the 90's but arguably of all time, what they never had was a decent back catalogue.
The pre-Nevermind Album, Bleach, was less than average and i don't know what they tried to do with the post-Nevermind effort, In Utero, but it missed. Incesticide was full of demo's, b-sides and songs which were not considered good enough previously and stank of 'cashing in' on the Nirvana while they still could.
The Unplugged in New York CD was tepid at best so it all comes down to Nevermind and the singles from the album which were perfect for that time but that time was 1991 and everything wrapped up in that period.
To stand up for Francis Cobain, she's 22 so her liking music from the early 90s would be like us in the early 90s liking the stuff from the early 70's or to put it another way, the stuff our parents listened to.
Yes all you moaning Nirvana fans, you have turned into your parents!!

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