Friday, 16 October 2015

Anyone There?

There’s a new mystery in the universe and it goes by the name KIC 8462852 which has been sending signals which could be caused by a giant structure, built in space near the star, presumably by extraterrestrials.
Just as easily it could be comets or a gas cloud but that's boring so we are hoping it's a massive alien made object as long as it isn't a death star.
Scientists are now planning to 'listen' in to the star and see what it can hear but as the Star is 1500 light years away, whatever it picks up would have been transmitted when the Goths were on the rampage in Europe and the Angles and Saxons were scrapping it out in Britain.
Bearing that in mind, if it is an alien civilisation and they had the knowledge to be be able to build a massive space structure then, how much more advanced would they be now 1500 years later.   
Maybe it would be prudent to not announce we are here just yet.

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