Saturday, 31 October 2015

Curse Of Buddy Holly

Some say that there are World's beyond this one and Halloween is the time when the barrier between our one and the others is at it's thinnest.  
Let's pull back that curtain and take a trip to that other side, the side where knowledge and science have no use. Take my hand so you don't wander too far because over here, everything can harm you.

In January 1958, while touring in England, recording engineer Joe Meek received a message whilst attending a tarot card reading. The message was that his friend, Buddy Holly, would die on February 3rd aged only 22.
By the time Meek got to tell Buddy of the message, February 3rd 1958 had already passed and they laughed off the warning. 
On the evening of 3 February 1959, after a performance at the Surf Ballroom, Iowa, Buddy Holly chartered a plane to take him, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens to the next gig. Tragically, the plane crashed, killing all three.
Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent had both earlier pulled out of the the ill-fated Winter Party Dance. On 17 April 1960, Cochran and Vincent were on their way to Heathrow Airport for a return flight to the U.S while on the way, the taxi they were travelling in blew a tyre and crashed into a lamp post. Vincent suffered permanent damage to his leg but Cochran was thrown from the vehicle and died the next day of massive head injuries aged 22, the same age as Buddy Holly at his death.
Singer Ronnie Smith was hired to replace Buddy Holly for the remainder of the 1959 Winter Dance Party. He was committed to a mental hospital complaining of disturbing visions of the dead Buddy Holly and in 1962, he hanged himself aged 24.
The Crickets brought in David Box as their new singer but he died in a plane crash in 1964, aged 22.
In 1967, on the eighth anniversary of Holly's death, Joe Meek shot and killed his landlady and then turned the shotgun on himself. 
In 1977, a film was made of Buddy Holly's life starring Gary Busey and written by Robert Gittler. After completing the film, Busey was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident which left him with brain injuries. Gittler committed suicide shortly before the film's release.
On February 3, 1990, the thirty-first anniversary of Buddy Holly's fatal crash, Del Shannon performed at the Surf Ballroom Clear Lake, Iowa (the location of Holly's last performance). The Crickets acted as Shannon's backing band.
Five days later, Shannon shot himself.

Don't have nightmares but tonight when you go to bed, you may want to leave the light on. 

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