Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Want To See Something Really Scary?

I have seem more than my fair share of horror films over the years and they don't seem to deviate too far from each other in the way of scares but it doesn't stop the mirror scenes from frightening the bejesus out of me even though i know what is going to happen.
It is a pretty sure fire thing that if you see someone looking into a mirror in a horror film, they will move away at some point but the reflection will remain in the mirror and carnage will generally follow but according to science it is the fact that we know what is going to happen that makes it even scarier.    
In the name of science, the University of Nottingham attached receptors to volunteers to measure sweat, electrical activity in the skin and heart rate as they watched a series of horror films.
'The audiences experience the most dread and tension when the viewer knows what’s about to happen but the fictional character is completely unaware' they explained before naming the top ten films that caused the most sweaty hands, the fastest heartbeats and most change of underpants.

1. The Shining, 2. The Exorcist, 3. A Nightmare On Elm Street, 4. Ring, 5. Alien, 6. The Silence of the Lambs, 7. Poltergeist, 8. Insidious, 9. Halloween 10. Saw

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