Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What A Mess In Syria

There cant be many more tougher jobs than the air traffic controller over Syria at the moment as Russian, American, Syrian, Turkish and British jets circle the country looking for someone to drop bombs on.
It makes it even tougher because they all seem to be bombing different people with the Turks chasing the Kurds, the Russians the Syrian rebels, the Brits ISIS the Syrians ISIS and Syrian rebels and Americans in that time honoured tradition just blowing up everyone and everything. 
On the ground are Iranians shooting at ISIS, Syrians and Russians taking target at ISIS and US backed Syrian rebels and Turks making military jaunts against US backed Kurds.
On the whole it is a mighty mess and what it all means is that in the congestion it would be a shock if there isn't an incident, already the Russians have overshot and ended up in Turkey before being chased out by Turkish fighter jets.   
Stuck in the middle of all the fighting are the Syrian people who have decided to hightail it out and are turning up at Europe's borders.
To say it is an unpredictable bloody mess sums it up nicely and all the while ISIS carry on blowing up historical landmarks and continuing collecting towns for their caliphate.

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