Friday, 30 October 2015

Thanks To Those Meddling Kids

In Massachusetts, they have a law that states if you are selling your home, and it is haunted, you must declare it to the prospective buyer about the ghost on the second visit to the property.
If ghosts do not exist, why do we have this law?
The Massachusetts law makers obviously believe in Ghosts but extensive research by experienced ghost hunter Scooby Doo has proved it is almost always the creepy guy from the amusement arcade.
Despite centuries of sightings with no proof of their existence, belief in ghosts is growing in the UK with 52% saying that they believe in the supernatural with the data also found that one in five claimed to have had some sort of paranormal experience.
While belief in ghosts is rising, the study, suggests a fall in the numbers prepared to accept the existence of UFOs, 39%.
As ghosts can't be proven to exist scientifically and there is no evidence that they exist, why do so many people accept they they are there at all?
It was only two hundred years ago, science pooh-poohed the idea that things like bacteria and
viruses existed, largely because it seemed absurd to imagine that creatures could exist that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Once the microscope was perfected, of course, all that changed, so could it be that we just haven't yet got the technology to be be able to 'see' ghosts?
Until such a time, all we have is a Great Dane, his hippy friend and a small group of other meddling kids to keep exposing the frauds and con men.

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