Monday, 26 October 2015

Important...Don't Read This!!

Don't read this any more, stop now and go straight to the last paragraph, the one beneath the dotted safety line. Don't read below this paragraph. have to trust me.

I have no control over the words on this page, my fingers are on the keys but they are not under my control. He is making me write it, the one word on this page that will summon Him.

All isn't lost if you haven't looked away yet and you have made it this far, just skip to the last paragraph and avoid saying that word in your mind. Whatever you do, don't read the paragraphs following this one. You must ignore them completely, cast your eyes down to the paragraph at the bottom. Believe me, this is your only chance to redeem yourself for not looking away earlier.

By now it's too late, nothing you do now will make any difference. You have read too far and He will know as it is here that he starts to take notice, hear your thoughts and starts making 'arrangements' for His visit. Why didn't you just look away when i said??

Listen, you can keep him at bay for a short time as he will wait until you have finished reading, then He will come for you. You only have one way to stay alive you must keep reading because He will come as soon as you stop. That's how He works. It's too late to go back to the start and skip down to the paragraph below, He is watching and waiting.

Only thing i can do if you have read down to here is wish you luck. Phone your loved ones,  settle any outstanding squabbles and make your peace because it's too late, you read the word, the word that you can see by reading the first letter at the start of each paragraph. Damn, you went back and looked didn't you!!


If you followed my advice in the first paragraph, well done. You can stop reading now. But never, never be tempted to come back and read the paragraphs you skipped. You must trust me.

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