Sunday, 25 October 2015

Blair Getting Excuses In Early

Are we really still talking about the Iraq War twelve years after it happened?
Appears so and Tony Blair is getting his excuses in early before the Chilcott enquiry publishes it report and as the enquiry has already informed the people it is about to criticise, seems Mr Blair is in for a kicking.  
He is now apologising for mistakes in planning the conflict and for a lack of understanding of what would happen once the regime was removed but he flat out refuses to say sorry for removing Saddam.
He did say that the Iraq war was to blame for the rise of Islamic State though which i'm pretty sure
everyone assumed that anyway.
As his 'mistakes' caused the death of a million Iraqis and the consequences are still there in the form of IS today and even more deaths, getting his excuses in early is not going to clean the odious little mans legacy and quite right that it shouldn't because no matter how he spins it, he lied to go to war so long may he and his 'apologies' be treated with the contempt they deserve.

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