Thursday, 29 October 2015

Not Wearing A Poppy

The Poppy sellers are out in force and already i have had a disagreement with the security guard at work who tried to push a poppy onto me. 
I don't wear a poppy for two reasons, the first being i am continually being told i should do and secondly because i believe that rather than send young men and women off to fight wars and then stand around looking solemn wearing a red flower once a year, just don't send them to fight wars in the first place.
The idea of wearing a poppy seems to have become co-opted by politicians to justify our folly in places such as Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.
It has become 'patriotic' to wear a symbol which represents the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers but my thoughts are never for the military, the people who make a decision to join the army and go off to fight wars, my thoughts are always for the innocent victims of missiles sent from hundred of miles away, warriors sat behind television screens in far away countries guiding armed drones to destroy villages and pilots dropping their payloads from high altitudes.  
I will not wear something that is used to support wars, either conflicts past or the ones we are currently embroiled in.


Keep Life Simple said...


it is a good thing for you that folks in the 40's did not think like you, or you would be speaking German...

and If you think the Soviets would have stopped at East Germany without the fear of American and NATO military reprisals you are being foolish.

I read that the Japanese were ready to invade the mainland USA and do what they did in Manchuria until they realized that unlike the people of China (unarmed), Americans had firearms. The point is not gun rights - the point is the Japanese, Soviets, and Germans are just the latest willing to impose their way of life on others.

In this world you either make dust, or you eat it.

I prefer English over Japanese, Russian, and German...


Falling on a bruise said...

If more people thought like me in the early 2000's then there wouldn't be the widespread death and destruction that is currently going on in the Middle East.