Sunday, 4 October 2015

Pressing The Nuclear Button

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill made many speeches about not surrendering and fighting them on the beaches, especially as he was safely 35 feet underground in a bunker designed to take the best that Adolf and his gang could throw at it.
Popping you head above ground only to tell other people to keep brave while bombs rain down on them when you are the safest person in country may seem a bit incongruous but it does seem the people who are most willing to have a bit of war are the ones who would not be anywhere near the line of fire.
After the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corben, this week said that he could not envision a time when he could actually order a nuclear strike, the Prime Minister has waded in and announced that he would be prepared to use nuclear weapons and warned that the Labour leader risks 'undermining national security'.
The problem with nuclear weapons much more than usual weapons, is that they not only kill leaders or the opposition army, they kill everyone.
Whether the PM is trying to regain his machismo after the oral-sex-from-a-dead-pig fiasco or the revelations coming this week regarding his marriage is unknown but he has puffed out his chest and said that he would prepared to murder millions of innocent civilians to attempt to sway their leaders opinion but just like Churchill and every 'brave' leader who sends other peoples husbands, wives and children off to fight their battles, the PM will press the button while hiding safely in a nuclear bunker making speeches to justify killing millions in the blink of an eye.

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