Thursday, 6 December 2018

Brexit No Longer Meaning Brexit

Two days after the BBC dropped plans to have a Brexit debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, ITV have now said they don't want to hold it either but it was an awful idea anyway.
May and Corbyn both campaigned for Remain in the Brexit debate so it would have been two people who didn't want Brexit in the first place debating to a public audience who can't vote on it anyway so all seemed rather pointless.
The whole 'leaving the EU' has got even more messier than it already was if that is possible with Theresa May plowing towards inevitable defeat next Tuesday and if the defeat is heavy enough, her removal from office but then maybe that is her plan.
When, not if, she is defeated their will be a vote of no confidence and depending if it comes from the her own Party or Labour, she will face a leadership contest or a general election and either of which will mean the March 29 deadline will slip and Brexit will be postponed.
I have always thought it wouldn't happen due to the economic suicide they would be leading us to and nothing has happened to change my mind that Brexit is not only a terrible idea but all our politico's know it and will do the best they can to not go ahead with it while saying the exact opposite and pinning their hopes on a second referendum which will stop the madness.

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