Friday, 7 December 2018

The Squiffy Farting Wiener

Psychology tells us that the way to make people like us is to make them laugh as laughter releases endorphins, which make them feel good about ourselves and if you make people feel good about themselves, they will like the person who triggered their laughter.
The problem is how to make people laugh but Psychology also tells us that so by the end of this post you will be armed with a ready made way to be the most liked person ever.
The Journal of Experimental Psychology says that all you have to do is use words that are universally funny so if you can sprinkle around fart, booty, tinkle, bunghole and wiener then you got it made and make more space on your wall for Christmas Cards from all your new friends.
The University of Alberta have published a paper analysing an existing list of 4997 funny words and whittling down the collection to the words people found funniest which included upchuck, bubby, boff, puking, fuzz, squiffy, pubes, nude and boobs.
If you can make up a story about the time you were so squiffy that you went for a tinkle but ended up puking on your friends boobs which made her laugh so much she did a massive fart and then upchucked herself, can't see where you can go wrong.

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