Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Careful What You Wish For In Removing May

The Conservative Party's Christmas booze up in the brewery has been cancelled this year as Theresa May was unable to organise it and if things play out the right way we could be seeing her repeating the last female Prime Minister who was also removed by her own Party members.
After the 1922 Committee announced that they had received the requisite 48 letters from Conservative Members this morning, the prime minister iss now facing a vote of confidence and Theresa May's must convince 158 of her own MPs to stick with her at the vote this evening if she intends on clinging to power.
She had tried to avoid the showdown by pulling the Meaningful Vote on her Brexit deal yesterday but that just seems to have angered the few remaining letter holding MPs and her Wednesday evening has now taken on a very different angle.
If she wins then MPs cannot call another vote for 12 months and she will claim victory, demand the party fall in behind her and try to press on with her Brexit plan, emboldened but if she loses, May is handed her P45 and Britain will have a new prime minister in the new year, likely a Brexiteer like Dominic Raab or scarily Boris Johnson.
The other option is Mrs May wins, but only by a few votes which might persuade her to think twice about whether she has enough backing in Parliament, and lead her to resigning resulting in a leadership contest.
The frightening part is if May is toppled, whoever replaced her, and in all probability it would be a Brexiteer, they would go for a harder Brexit so even if we think Theresa May is incompetent, we should be hoping Tory MPs decisively reject this vote of no confidence because looking at who could replace her things could get very much worse for all of us, Theresa May is the best of a really terrible lot.

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