Saturday, 8 December 2018

It's The Most Wonderful Time For An Affair

Work Christmas parties aren’t just great for office gossip and actually speaking to the people you work with but they are also ripe breeding grounds for all kinds of naughtiness.
Christmas parties are very often where people embark on affairs or have one-off smooches with people who aren’t their partners according to Marriage Guidance Counsellors who report an increase in affairs over the Christmas party period between  3 December and New Years Eve.
A reported 68% of affairs are with a work colleague which started at the office party after they had got drunk and things had gone too far but while 22% are one off flings, 46% continued seeing their colleague romantically after Christmas.
A Marriage Guidance Counsellor advised that sexual tensions which may have been bubbling up over the course of the working year finally explode due to drink and because it’s a rare occasion that their partner isn’t there to see them behaving badly.
In a time when almost everybody has a phone with a camera i wouldn't bet on partners not seeing them behaving badly and an office affairs can be more than just a bad relationship move but can be a catastrophic career move also and in the worst case scenario, both with some legal issues thrown in so i say if you are in a relationship but find yourself looking amorously at spotty Tim from IT at the Xmas Party, put down the eggnog and call a cab.

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