Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Towel Head

I always had to be even more careful than usual not to make any spills in December because there would be a distinct lack of tea towels in our home due to Christmas.
More than once when my children were younger i had gone on a pointless search for a tea-towel to clean up a knocked over bottle of Fanta only to find they have once again  been spirited away onto the heads of wise men and shepherds at my sons schoool nativity play.
Sainsbury's say they generally sell 4,000 tea towels a week during the year but in December, sales go up to 12,000 a week and the additional 8,000 are not drying the plates of last nights dinner but being used as suitable headdress for those who wash their socks by night all seated on the ground.
Some parents though are not prepared to throw a Sainsbury's tea towel over their child's head as they sit on those too small plastic chair waiting to see if their offspring is going to be the one who forgets their line, and spend money on making sure that their kid is the best dressed one when he stands up and mumbles something about a star before sitting down again beside the kid dressed as a sheep.
It's about the only time in your life that wearing a tea-towel on your head to represent someone from the Middle East is acceptable because some colleagues of Middle Eastern descent may find it disrespectful if you turned up to work wearing it.

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