Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Gun Toting Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like some women wearing Santa hats and armed to the teeth with powerful weapons.
Poor old Santa looks scared to death, especially as the one on the left looks as if she is pointing her gun directly at his groin. Maybe he never bought her that

Kalashnikov she had on her list last year.

Randy, where's mamma's gun, i got me some shootin' to do.



Anonymous said...

actually, gun totin women in christmas bikini's really get me to say ho ho ho...


Lucy said...

Bit chilly at Christmas though.

Anonymous said...

not in south texas... my daughter returning from college even said "i can't wait to get home so i can work on my tan"... i'm not kidding.


david g said...

I'm so glad you've presented us with some images of the gun-worshiping Americans, Lucy.

It helps us to understand why they're always killing people who can't fight back somewhere in the world.

Currently they have Syria and Iran on their 'making-you-democratic' agenda. Both of these nations will end up like Iraq and Afghanistan, a complete shambles!

But the sh++t will hit the fan when the U.S. tries to push China and Russia around.

That's when pay-back time will visit the Yanks!

Anonymous said...

too bad DG. i saw the master plan and we are gonna reinvigorate manifest sdestiny. we take new zealand and australia before we get to russia and china... resistance is futile. you will be assimilated...


Anonymous said...


did you know that is a real photo. yep. it is the real santa and those women dress like that and carry those guns all the time. seriously!