Friday, 28 December 2012

Late Night Radio

On the nights when sleep was just a dream, i would listen to TalkSport radio with all the weird and wonderful phone-in callers discussing whatever was going on in the World.
It does seem that phone-in shows tend to invite the more excitable members of the community to call in but that was part of the charm, the loony left and the radical right spouting off with a brief interlude where someone would phone up and play Anarchy in the UK on his Casio organ.
Such a shame that TalkSport decided to drop all its non-sports programmes and now just talks sport because despite going up and down the radio dial every night, there are just no more late night phone in shows anymore for us insomniacs to listen to.
I have tried Radio 5 recently but it isn't really a phone in show, more the DJ going on about his favourite bands and reading out texts he received about him discussing his favourite bands.     
I don't know how TalkSport's night time listening figures are looking these days after the change but i would imagine they have gone down judging by the amount of people moaning about it on the Internet but nobody seems to be suggesting an alternative.
There are a few London based stations that do late night chat but none of the local stations on the coast that i receive do anything and with the exception of the aforementioned Radio 5, none of the national ones are doing it either which is a real shame.
There seems to be a market for a late night phone-in from the insomniacs with Casio organs amongst us but unless TalkSport change their format back to include some non-sport shows again or one of the nationals pick up the thread that TalkSport have so carelessly dropped, it's Radio 5 and another thrilling night-time walk through the DJ's record collection.

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