Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The World Will Be Better For This

Funny how these things happen. This post began when i heard about David Cameron and Ed Milliband trading insults with each other by using songs by the band, Police.
So off i went thinking i know what, i will use Barry Manilow Songs to insult our elected Government Officials because after all, he wrote the songs.
I got to 'Can't smile without you (because you cut my Moebius syndrome funding)' and 'Could it be Tragic' but i quickly found that Manilow didn't really have that many songs i could bastardise the titles of so i aimlessly began clicking through his you tube videos.
I wouldn't go so far as to say i was much of a fan of Manilow but i do like the way his songs tend to feature just him and a piano at the start and build to a crescendo with an orchestra and him holding those long notes. I am a sucker for a big note and a belting orchestral finish to a song and i was merrily singing along to his back catalogue, sorry Barry but i murdered 'Could it be Magic',  and i thought that i might fall across him singing 'The Impossible Dream' which i have long believed to be a song just waiting to be sung properly by someone.
The most often heard version is by Andy Williams and while it is not horrible, it always seems a bit underwhelming and the you tube search always turns up opera singers who seem go at it with too much power. It's a song just waiting for someone to sing it properly
Another one is Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, two songs just waiting to be picked up and done justice.


Anonymous said...

based on Britain's new guidelines for "offensive onlive" speech I think DG needs to be charged, prosecuted, found guilty, imprisoned, and fined...

merry christmas dg.


Cheezy said...

Actually the new guidelines state that the comments need to go beyond mere offensiveness to be potentially actionable. Personally I think David's remarks don't even reach the level of offensiveness; this is because they're plainly written by a sanctimonious moron, a type of person who it's tricky to take seriously enough to be offended by.

Even if he were accused of "specifically targeting an individual or individuals" then, in his defence, he could produce a transcript of hundreds of posts in which he's comprehensively had his arse handed back to him, so his barrister could claim that this 'targeting' was so bereft of any bite or intellectual rigour that it was hardly worthy of the word.

Stay free, David!