Sunday, 30 December 2012

Top Posts 2012

It has always grated slightly that on this blog there are almost 1500 posts, the vast majority written by me but the most popular post out of those 1500 was written by my husband in the summer of 2011 when i stepped aside for a while, his Anders Behring Breivik post has almost treble the amount of views as my highest ever viewed post.

The top 5 viewed posts this year do have a bit of a strange theme to them, the Nicotine Fuelled Nightmares post from October was concerning some very unpleasant dreams i had after taking up vaping in place of smoking and as the fifth most viewed post, obviously something that other vapers had suffered.

Fourth was 2012 Psychic Predictions from last January from LaMont Hamilton which i will be reviewing shortly to see how well he did.

Third was the Tony Nicholson: The Right Decision post in which i got the man's name embarrassingly wrong. As it was about a courts decision that judged doctors could not end the life of Mr Nicklinson who was left paralysed after a stroke. He died a week later after refusing his medication and some agreed with me that the courts decision was the right one as it would set a precedent, most disagreed but blogging is all about saying 'this is my opinion' and being disagreed with. 
Second was the Zombie Conspiracy post which set out proof that we are at the dawn of the Zombie apocalypse but by far the most viewed post was Why Is It Raining So Much In The UK This Summer post. If nobody in the UK knew about the wandering North Atlantic Jet Stream before this summer, they do now because that's why we spent most of it carrying umbrellas. 

One of my personal favourite posts was the The Superior Athletic Gene Theory which was American runner Michael Johnson's theory as to why the best sprinters are black American and Caribbean. He set out a very plausible argument that it was all down to the slave trade.
Top post for me though was Septembers Americans Won't Get This Post, inspired by the Not One-Off Britishisms blog which has a list of British words and sayings that don't exist in the American vocabulary.

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