Saturday, 1 December 2012

happy bday 2u txt spk

mon marks 20 years since 1st txt msg wz snt 2 a mob fone.
1st SMS wz snt on December 3, 1992, wen a British engineer cald Neil Papworth of teknoloG co. Sema - usd hs cmptr 2 snd msg "Merry Christmas" 2 a mob fone.
I don't do text speak, i've never sent a text to a M8 or told someone i would CU L8R because i'm one of those who would prefer to type out the whole thing in proper English than try to abbreviate it.
It is obviously an age thing because my children have got so fed up with us asking them what they are talking about and to text us in proper words rather than text speak which they use only for people who understand it.
David Cameron was outed as a text speak bafoon recently when he thought when he wrote LOL at the end of his texts he was writing 'lots of love' instead of ‘laugh out loud’.
Cramming information into as few a characters as possible is always going to result in the severest of abbreviations but to those of us who cannot or refuse to move on from our old writing style, old habits die hard.
I suppose it is the evolution of the English language, the English dictionary now contains such pearls as OMG and LOL and i see signs using words such as 2nite and while it can seem odd to anyone over 40, it's no use fighting against it.
That said i still won't use it, i didn't spend all those years in school having 'i before e' and 'y becomes i' rammed into my young head to not use them FFS!

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